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Advisors - Welcome to the Family Business Renewal (FBR) System

As a Wealth Transfer Specialist since 1969 I have helped hundreds of families and business create their unique transition plan. The FBR System helps advisors move beyond the traditional sales transaction approach to a fee-based process consulting model, collaborating with all family members and trusted advisors. I now provide advisors an opportunity to be trained as Wealth Transfer Specialists (WTS), licensed to receive our proven tools and proprietary software. The FBR Model will help you work with business owner clients to transition their business to the next generation, minimizing transfer costs, establishing greater family harmony, and maximizing business profitability.

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Become a Wealth Transfer Specialist

If you are currently in the tax, legal, financial, and insurance services industry and make your living working with successful family businesses we have an exciting opportunity that can help you take your business to the next level.

FBR System has helped provide wealth transfer solutions to business owners, and their families, since 1969. With proven processes in place we have created a transferable model – a new way of working with family and business called Family & Business Renewal. The FBR Model recognizes that the client is the entire family, not only the business owner. Your ability to understand problems and solutions combined with understanding matters of the heart creates a truly revolutionary platform for personal growth within your business.
As a family business advisor, you can benefit by using the FBR System approach with your clients:

Enhance your image as a professional family business advisor:

The Family & Business Renewal Model focuses on these key principles:

The FBR System is a three phase nine step model:

FBR System Process Illustrated
Recognize the most important business asset are the people:

Options for working together:
With the FBR model you have the ability to preserve the past, protect the future, and help others – starting now:

Both models provide you with opportunities to add value to your services, reward, and compensation.
Become a Wealth Transfer Specialist:
If you are interested in the FBR Model and want to become an independent Wealth Transfer Specialist we have created a turn-key program to help you. It includes:

Learn more and determine your level of commitment:

  1. Individual User
  2. Corporate Contract


When you make a commitment to license the FBR Model you will receive:

You will become part of our team of licensed wealth transfer specialists which will allow you to do joint work with sub-licensed advisors.

Your investment includes:

We hope you see the value of becoming a Wealth Transfer Specialist and recognize that the FBR System will set you apart from the competition.

As the Speaker Chair for the Tri Valley Estate Planning Council in Pleasanton, California I invited Karl R. Bareither of FBR System to speak to our Council on family business planning and the holistic process related to family business planning. Karl was a motivational and informative speaker who shared his personal and professional experiences in dealing with the family and business estate planning. Our members were engaged by Karl’s interactive speaking method. Everyone left with a new appreciation for the holistic approach to family business planning. — Ken Began Certified Estate Planning Trust & Probate Specialist
Karl Bareither demonstrated the importance of involving the entire family and obtaining all the necessary information. This process helped our firm create the additional legal documents we needed. — W. Aspen, Attorney, Colorado
Karl Bareither spoke at our National Conference. His presentation definitely touched the hearts of our advisors. — Steven S, Marken, Esq., Advanced Markets Planner Financial Network Investment Corporation, CA
As a result of bringing together my clients entire family, the FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist brought new insight to the family business and me. They were instrumental in moving the entire process. — R. Wilson, CPA, Colorado