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Planning for Philanthropy

Charitable giving can play a very important role in planning for the future of the family and the family business.  Planning for the continuation of the family business is a way of leaving a legacy for the future. Leaving behind a thriving business for the benefit of your family, and your employees and their families, is a very worthwhile objective. Including charitable giving in you planning provides a way to leave a second legacy – ...
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Plan a Family Retreat

A unique characteristic of the FBR System model includes using a family retreat. In our model the entire family, not just the business owner, is the client. The family retreat creates the environment of open communication. It is where we recommend delivering the plan to the family – everyone who has a stake in the outcome hears the details of the new plan from the same person, in the same way, at the same time ...
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Estate Planning for Family Businesses

The federal estate tax provides the right to pass property to others at death. Some states have an estate tax, some states have an inheritance tax. These taxes are sometimes referred to as death taxes. Under the Tax Relief Act of 2010 only estates larger than $5 million are taxed and a surviving spouse can use the unused exemption of their deceased spouse. In 2013 The American Taxpayer Relief Act kept the transfer tax provisions ...
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FBR System Process Illustrated

Are your clients planning a family legacy or family feud?

We are excited to show you how a Wealth Transfer Specialist (WTS) can further assist high net worth families owning businesses to successfully pass their wealth to future generations, setting you apart from all other competitors! The Problem There is clearly disconnect between the brief of today's business owners and the reality.  Did you know - 88% of current family business owners believe their business will be continued by their family?  Yet, only 30% of ...
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wealth transfer fees

Wealth Transfer Planning That Centers on the Family… Is This Important for Advisors to Acknowledge?

All too often, poor family communication stands in the way of successful business wealth transfers. When wealth transfer advice is fragmented in terms of financial, legal and tax concerns, the tragic results are misinformation, mistrust and failure to meet the objectives of all involved. In many cases, family wealth transfer planning is treated as a private matter concerning only the senior generation. Often, there’s a feeling that “it is our money, to do with as ...
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