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We are excited to show you how a Wealth Transfer Specialist (WTS) can further assist high net worth families owning businesses to successfully pass their wealth to future generations, setting you apart from all other competitors!

The Problem

There is clearly disconnect between the brief of today’s business owners and the reality.  Did you know – 88% of current family business owners believe their business will be continued by their family?  Yet, only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, only 12% are still viable into the third generation, and only 3% operate in the fourth generation.

Business owner centric plans are frequently secretive and often known only at the death of the owner.  This results in unnecessary court costs and huge legal fees because of the differences in objectives between active business heirs and passive heirs.  The reason many families fail in passing on their wealth successfully is because of family issues not business issues.  Unfortunately, advisors are trained to deal only with business issues not family concerns, and both are necessary to successfully pass wealth on to future generations.

The Solution

FBR System Process IllustratedThe Family Business Renewal (FBR) System provides trained Wealth Transfer Specialists a holistic family centered process consulting model.  This is accomplished by including all family members and trusted advisors in the planning process, breaking down the barriers during life rather than dealing with costly legal actions at death.  Unlike advisors who are trained to do only transactions, WTS recognize the people skills needed to create a successful business differ when transferring family wealth.  This three phase nine step process guides the WTS, to open communication along all family members and trusted advisors, to create a successful wealth transfer plan.  This process minimizes transfer costs, greatly improves communication and quality of family life resulting in improving business profitability.

The Benefits

Using the fee-based consulting services of a WTS results in enhancing family relationships through inclusion not exclusion, considers both external and internal matters, the process becomes a family affair, open family dialogue during the family retreat, and is risk free as it assures a money back guarantee.

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