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How can I learn more about FBR System and the FBR Process?

Call FBR System at 805-595-2089.
Email karl@fbrsystem.com


How much time is required to complete a typical case?

Cases vary widely depending upon number of family members, business complexity, and scope of work.

Each of the three phases requires two to three days at the minimum, but where there are complicated business and/or people issues, more time is required.

Face to face meetings occur during the initial interview process and during the family retreat. Interviewing of distant family members, fact gathering and implementation work, however, may be done by phone, e-mail and US mail.

Total time required by the FBR Specialist in assisting with the design, implementation and tracking of a client’s new plan may be 3 to 6 months and in more complicated cases additional time is needed.


How would you describe the ideal prospect for the FBR Process?

The family is the first or second or third generation involved in a capital-intensive business with assets such as real estate, plants, inventory and equipment.

  • The business currently has more than one owner (ideally).
  • The current owner is age 55+ with a high net worth.
  • The preferred business organization is a partnership, sole proprietorship or corporation (in that order).

Family objectives are to keep the business intact, make it more profitable and resolve the financial stake of non-active family members.


Are there any restrictions on the use of FBR software and other materials?

Yes, the FBR System is a unique intellectual property right protected by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

All materials used in the FBR System are copyright protected.

Licensed FBR Specialists agree to use information solely in private practice. Any other use is prohibited.


What types of ongoing support does FBR offer?

FBR Wealth Transfer Specialists are entitled to the following:

  • Unlimited or limited use of licensed FBR software is dependent on type of license.
  • Access to licensed personalized printed materials, Power Point presentations and on-line support services.
  • Access to our staff for questions by telephone and mail/e-mail.
  • Assistance of trained FBR Specialist for joint fieldwork.
  • Periodic skill-building/motivational workshops.
  • Permits Specialist name in” Planning a Family & Business Legacy” book at reduced price


What is the investment required to become a FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist?

To become a FBR WTS, licensed to use the FBR Software and receive access to FBR marketing and sales support, the investment depends on if you elect to be trained in a face-to-face classroom or on-line, the locations of the live training, the number of advisors attending the training session, and the type of License Fee you obtain.
We are confident in our training experience and offer a complete refund to attendees if not totally satisfied upon completion.

Type of License fee acquired will determine fees.


What are the requirements to become a FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist?

Submit an application and resume citing education and work experience.

Demonstrate basic knowledge or experience in at least one of the following disciplines: tax, law, business consulting, or sales in the financial services industry.

Sign the FBR System advisor license agreement and pay license fees.


What are the benefits of the FBR Method to the Specialist?

In addition to increased personal income, FBR Specialists benefit from using the FBR Method in a number of ways:

  • Personal satisfactions helping families build and protect wealth.
  • Increased success from using more effective planning and marketing strategies.
  • Access to proven tools and techniques for expanding success in the family business market.
  • Opportunity for substantial income from enjoyable work.
  • Ongoing self-development opportunities.
  • Sets advisor apart from others


Why is the FBR method unique?

Unlike transaction-oriented only sales systems, the FBR Consulting Method takes a holistic consulting process approach to planning for the transfer of family wealth. The FBR Method:

  • Defines wealth as more than property.
  • Seeks preservation of all family wealth, not just business continuation.
  • Treats the entire family – not just the business owner – as the client.
  • Works to open lines of communication within the family.
  • Enhances family business profitability and minimizes impact of taxes.
  • Uses process oriented strategies to move the family toward honest dialogue and increased problem-solving skills among family members.
  • Helps re-frame issues and increases understanding and acceptance among family members during life rather than following death of owner.


What is the personality profile of a successful Wealth Transfer Specialist?

FBR Wealth Transfer Specialists are people-oriented professionals who:

  • Enjoy people, public speaking, gathering information, identifying and solving problems.
  • Are able to explain complicated issues in a clear, concise manner.
  • Listen effectively to others and respond in an appropriate manner.
  • Are willing to learn and be able to mediate and facilitate large and small groups.


What are the typical Specialists’ personal objectives?

FBR Wealth Transfer Specialists are professional family business advisors who strive to build a fee-based advisory consulting practice. The typical WTS works to:

  • Develop a profitable client-centered practice.
  • Develop strong personal relationships with client families.
  • Enhance communication within client families through use of the FBR Model.
  • Increase personal income by charging planning fees.
  • Increase product sales for estate and business planning solutions when needed.


What are the objectives of the training workshop?

The overall objective of the training workshop is to equip you to develop a fee-based or fee only family business advisor practice. Specifically, the workshop:

  • Teaches advisors how to collaborate with other trusted advisors
  • Introduces the FBR Model and shows how to blend it with your practice or establish a new one.
  • Teaches how to facilitate a family retreat and effectively deal with family values in conflict.
  • Uses role-playing scenarios drawn from actual cases to familiarize participants with FBR’s interactive process approach to wealth transfer planning.
  • Introduces the FBR report generation software and other FBR marketing and sales support tools and services.
  • Equips you to market yourself effectively as a Wealth Transfer Specialist


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