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FBR System Defined

Become a Wealth Transfer Specialist

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Do you want to effectively work with successful family owned businesses?

Do you want to more than double your income?

If you are currently in the tax, legal, financial and insurance services industry YOU can EASILY find success.

The FBR System has helped provide wealth transfer solutions to business owners, and their families, since 1969. Our model teaches you an EFFECTIVE way to work with family AND business. It’s the Family & Business Renewal. The FBR Model recognizes that the client is the entire family, not only the business owner.

YOU will understand that understanding problems and solutions combined with understanding matters of the heart creates a truly revolutionary platform for personal growth within your business.

As a family business advisor, you can benefit by using the FBR System model with your clients:

  • Offer your prospects and existing family business clients a proven, effective wealth transfer planning process.

Enhance your image as a professional family business advisor:

  • Build a base of satisfied clients and develop a never-ending source of new prospects.
  • Increase your credibility and income through value-added consulting planning fees.

The Family & Business Renewal Model focuses on these key principles:

  • Work with all family members, not just the current business owner.
  • Open the agenda to include everyone in the family, including spouses.

The FBR System is a three phase model, with each phase divided into three logical steps:

FBR System Process Illustrated

Recognize the most important business asset are the people:

  • Create a climate for open dialog and communication among family members and their trusted advisors.
  • Design a workable solution using proven proprietary software.
  • Implement the plan and follow-up.


Options for working together:
With the FBR model you have the ability to preserve the past, protect the future, and help others – starting now:

  • You can become a Wealth Transfer Specialist.
  • Or, partner with an experienced Wealth Transfer specialist.

Both models provide you with opportunities to add value to your services, reward, and compensation.

Become a Wealth Transfer Specialist:
If you are interested in the FBR Model and want to become an independent Wealth Transfer Specialist we have created a turn-key program to help you. It includes:

  • The FBR Model
    • Philosophy
    • Process
  • Education/Training
    • Marketing
      • Market Identification
        • Family owned businesses that are capital intensive
      • Prospecting
        • Business Owners and family members you know, including existing clients
        • Third-party Trade Endorsements and/or Professional Alliances
        • Referrals
      • Approach
        • Sponsored Educational Seminars
        • Informational Family Meetings
        • Presentations
      • Implementation
      • Ongoing communication and service
    • Skill Development
    • Facilitation/mediation skills
    • FBR System Software


Learn more by choosing what works best for you:

Participate in a 90 minute introductory seminar – in person or online to understand the two options for working with FBR System.

  • Attend training (either in a face to face workshop or online)
  • Complete an application to become licensed as a Wealth Transfer Specialist
  1. Individual User
  2. Corporate Contract
  3. Sub-license to do joint work with trained WTS


Your investment includes:

  • The cost of training
  • The price of licensing the system.
  • The time it takes to become proficient leveraging proven tools and processes.


We trust you can see the value of becoming a Wealth Transfer Specialist and recognize that the FBR System will raise you well above your competition.