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Fee Based Consulting

Financial-AdvisorIf you are like many professionals, you receive compensation when you successfully sell a product or perform specific services like drafting tax or legal documents or generating financial reports. Yet you frequently provide many other services that you may not be getting paid for, such as:

  • Providing technical planning advice
  • Meeting with other trusted advisors
  • Interviewing business owners and/or family members to determine objectives
  • Open family communication to minimize family disputes and enhance family relationships
  • Facilitate a family planning retreat
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring the plan
  • Maximizing business profitability by reducing taxes and increasing family buy-in and support
  • Helping plan for successor development
  • Assisting individuals plan for retirement
  • Educating families to plan for philanthropy
  • Providing introduction to other professionals and advisors as necessary

If no tax, legal, and/or financial services and products are required, or no bill for services is generated, you don’t get compensated for your efforts. We believe in charging a consulting fee for your wealth transfer planning, a fee that is fair to both the client and the advisor will more than offset the cost. Be clear we are not including fee based asset management services.

123rf-senior-couple-financialWe recognize that clients sometimes expect advisors to provide some services without receiving compensation. We also recognize that advisors are often complicit in this arrangement because they secretly feel that some of the services they provide are not worth direct compensation, they are satisfied with the commission received for product sales, attorney’s fees for drafting documents, or other types of professional services.

In our training we teach advisors how to position “the business owner only” traditional transaction approach, to include a fee for a “family process” consulting service model. We also provide all needed solutions necessary to make the process acceptable.

If advisors want different results than experienced in the past they must provide value added services to their clients. With the FBR Model the process for doing this is provided, and you receive additional compensation.




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