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Joint Work Opportunity

If you find yourself interested in providing wealth transfer planning services, but not fully committed to the investment of time and money to become a Wealth Transfer Specialist, we can still help you work within this marketplace through our Joint Work Model.

With advisors around the country we can partner you with a qualified Wealth Transfer Specialist to facilitate the process with you.

Your Responsibility:
  • Find the candidate
  • Describe the process
  • Gain commitment to move forward
  • Initiate conversation with FBR System
Our Responsibility:
  • Partner you with an experienced Wealth Transfer Specialist
  • Organize the process
  • Engage all family members
  • Facilitate the Family Retreat
  • Solve the wealth transfer issues
  • Present the solutions
  • Assist in implementing the solutions
  • Help service the clients

This model is designed to allow you to continue controlling your client relationship while leveraging the proven expertise and processes associated with the FBR Model.


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